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EVH Music Man

Music Man Eddie Van Halen Signature Green Quilt:

Here is a very clean first year Music Man EVH signature guitar in what is one of the most rare colors for this model – trans green quilt. This one has been collector owned since new and has very little evidence of play wear, and it has a really killer top too. With original Green EVH’s, you really can’t be too picky with tops because there are so few of these around (only 96 were produced). Funny story about this one – I thought I had a different green EVH acquired in a trade from an ex-friend who proposed a deal to me, but after agreeing, he flaked on the deal he brought to me twice (the second and final time occurred while I was in line at Fed Ex with his shipment). It actually worked out well for me because this one is twice the guitar and came from a very reliable source – my buddy Jim.