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Ibanez JS25th ART:

I was lucky enough to get a third one of the original 75 JS25th Arts from a friend in Europe.  I generally don’t import guitars but this one was an exception.  One of the unusual all-over graphics Joe drew, this is a great one.  From his website…”The Ibanez JS25ART is a JS guitar celebrating the 25th anniversary of the association and collaboration between Ibanez and Joe Satriani. The artwork painting of the JS25ART has been made by Joe Satriani himself in the Ibanez Custom Shop in Los Angeles, every guitar is a unique piece of art and are very different from each other. Following the advices of his sisters Jon and Carol who had already done artwork painting on the JS4 and JS5, Joe finds his own graphic artistic signature that reminds a bit Basquiat’s work.”