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Ibanez JS25th ART:

Damn you Ibanez.  Buying 3 of the original run of JS25th ART’s was tough, and then Ibanez released these a year or so later.  I couldn’t have the first run and not the second, and fortunately I was a little quicker on the jump for the 2nd run and got to cherry pick 4 of them through friends at stores I have a relationship with.  These have a white base.  I think I prefer the original run with the black base but both are cool.  From Satriani’s site:

“The Ibanez JSART2 is the second JS guitar customised by Joe Satriani himself. The first was released last year in 2015 for the 25th anniversaryof the association and collaboration between Ibanez and Joe Satriani : the JS25ART. Joe went again to the Los Angeles custom shop, last time was for painting black bodies, now the white is his base material.  According to Joe, 76 bodies have been painted at the end, but only 35 are currenty sold in the US, the other will be distributed to the rest of the world.”