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1991 Ibanez Universe UV77MC ATD:

Here is another mint Universe Multi-color in a very unique ATD swirl that I bought off the original owner a while back. This one has a very busy swirl and reminds me of the one Steve Vai played on Letterman back in the day. Buying these guitars off their original owners is always interesting for me – it’s cool to hear all the stories that go along with the guitar, and this one came from the same area of the USA I was born in (northeast Ohio). You would think these wild-ass guitars would only be found in California or New York, but like me, guitarists get old and move where the work is or where their family resides after they give up the dream of becoming the next Eddie Van Halen, Paul Gilbert or Vinnie Moore (I’m giving Paul and Vinnie a plug here because they were always my favorite shredders).